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10th of July, Eastmary is releasing their first full-length album:"What Is Broken" It's released through NMS, Nordic Music Society.

What is broken

‚What is broken’ is the first full length album coming from the Danish band Eastmary. (NMS . Nordic Music Society)

Eastmary was formed in 2012 in the small, lazy village of Østermarie on the island of                            Bornholm in the Baltic Sea. Østermarie, which means East Mary in English, is not really something special. It is a small place consisting of two roads, a grocery store and an auto repair shop surrounded by farmland as far as the eye can see. It is not exactly beautiful, but it has got its own cozy charm, and above all: the houses are cheap …

Mikkel Thomas, the male lead singer and guitar player in Eastmary, bought an old farm there in 2010. His dream was to live as an artistic DIY-farmer with economic freedom, and he has been trying to make a living from his own vegetables and his music ever since. Some of his old friends joined the band – some living on Bornholm and some living in Copenhagen – and Eastmary quickly became a local success.
People loved the simple, catchy and melodic Americana-inspired songs, and they could easily relate to the lyrics about life, love and peace in the countryside and the resulting atmosphere whenever the six musicians entered the stage exuding their genuine love of playing

In 2013-2014, the band played a line of concerts in their homebuilt venue The Eastmary Beat Gallery, and the place soon became a popular place to hang out for artists, drunks, farmers and all sorts of people. During the same period of time Eastmary played several
concerts in small clubs in Copenhagen (Studenterhuset, Mojo, Lades Kælder, Osramhuset etc.). The band has also released an EP which was sold by way of individual donation at their concerts. The cover was made of old cardboard and twine, and symbolized what is really the essence of Eastmary: unpretentious simplicity.

In the spring of 2014, Mikkel Thomas and the female lead singer Pernille Loumann got invited to Hamburg by a German music publisher and producer in order to record a duet album with the moodier songs from the Eastmary repertoire. They had already had a minor Youtube hit with the ballad Little by little, and the idea of the producer was to present these moody songs in a very
simple, intimate production – the way it sounds when they sing in front of the fireplace on the farm on a cold winter’s evening.

‚What Is Broken’, presenting 12 very personal and intimate duet songs and 2 radio versions with full band, will be released in July 2015 by Danish Indie-Label NMS (Nordic Music Society). The single “What is broken”(Radio edit), had some airplay in the national danish radio in June, in the popular show, presenting new cool music, called “Madsen”.



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